This project, a stained glass window, was completed a while ago but I now feel inspired to include it in my blog. Created for my home, this started as a gift for Marie. I designed it and had a wonderful glass crafter, Laura Carbone, build it to my specifications. I may have driven her crazy but she seems to be recovering nicely.

Marie has incredible faith in me and my abilities as she is often heard to say “how hard can this be?” I am from the “I’m not sure I can do this” school of trying things. I have way too much respect for people who perfect their craft, whatever it is, over time.

Not only does experience bring with it knowledge but experience seems to bring with it a kind of understanding. For example, I don’t want to focus on how to hold a pencil. How hard to press the pencil to get the line quality I want. With time, the experience of holding a pencil becomes invisible. How to leave a mark becomes intuitive. The pencil becomes an extension of my hand. And my hand a seamless extension of my vision. It is my hope to get good enough with the tools necessary to create these Foundlings that the tools themselves become invisible. As it is now, creating these pieces is a struggle. But that too can be part of the process.