ArtExpo2015_4 DUO_LowResThe show has come and gone. Four days standing on your feet. No one really told me that being an artist meant talking endlessly about your art. Answering questions that range from surprisingly profound to incredibly vague. “Does your art mean anything?” (not really); “How long does it take to make a piece?” (depends); “Where do you get your material?” (most anywhere). To people who do not create, the process must seem so mysterious. To those of us who have been creating all of our lives, the process is like breathing. It just happens.

I sold three pieces (one was sold before the show and two were sold at the show). Lots of other artists didn’t sell at all so this, in and of itself, is an achievement. The crowds were less then I hoped for but everyone had such kind words to say about
my work. And lots of friends showed up to encourage me which is so incredibly inspiring. I am grateful for so many friends.

Will I do this again next year? I think so. I think this is less about how profitable the show is and more about networking and reputation. I keep reminding myself that if this were easy, anyone could do it.