I have been traveling so I have been neglecting my blog. To all of my readers,… both of them, my apologies. Between several antique fairs to gather parts and a big family visit, it has been an enjoyable summer but not a productive one.

Gallery Juno has agreed to host another show for me. That’s the good news. It will be soon. That’s the less then good news. Don’t get me wrong, I am so pleased to have another opportunity to show, just that I have a lot of work to do in a short time.

The gallery is very flexible with what I show and how many pieces I mount but I am split between wanting what I consider my best work and only showing work that is new. The task would be so much simpler if I really knew what is my best work. Sometimes I know right away what is my best work and at other times, it takes months or years to figure this out. I will try to have mostly new work but I can’t help but want to put in a few favorites.

Marie has been so helpful in providing another viewpoint of my work. Sometimes I am just too close to the pieces to know.

Gallery Juno IMG_7560[1]_72dpiRGB