Between the holidays and our house renovation project, I have not made any blog entries since mid December. And, as mentioned in a prior blog, I have not worked on Foundlings for months now. It is a feeling not unlike traveling. The familiar routine of working in the studio is gone replaced by daily new distractions. I am a creature of habit but I do try to let go. Let go of habits, let go of routines and let go of expectations. Sometimes I am successful, other times, not. So I am exloring what it’s like not to create. I will not get to do any work until I can get back to my workspace, even though I have another Art Expo coming up in April.

That is not to say that I have not been creative. In the midst of the renovation I have designed another stained glass window for our home. It will probably take a year or so to create (I design the window and a talented stained glass artist, Laura Carbone actually builds it). Choosing a rather complex type of flower, a pair of irises, I am not sure how this will come off in glass but like any process, it will have to unfold.

I do hope to get back to the workshop, amongst a sea of plaster dust by March. With luck I will have a month or so to create a piece or two for this year’s Expo.

17MISCvF WindowFlat_Thick