Just wanted to thank a few people who have been so helpful in my journey to create these Foundlings. Their help and support have been invaluable.


Kathy Brice: For her tireless efforts in finding artist opportunities; providing guidance to the world of fine art; and to her wisdom. I cannot thank her enough.

Amy Buchholz: For her continued inspiration that has been going on for decades. Our conversations and explorations have added a richness to my life that I am truly grateful for.

Christopher Caulderhead: For all of his artistic visions that have been an inspiration to me. His work and wealth of knowledge of all things art, have added light to a dimly lit path.

Steve Goldman: Teacher, friend, artist. He has helped me have a fuller life, become a better artist, and a deeper person.

c.r. Laul: For his insights and companionship on the long creative road that would be so lonely without him. He is never far from my thoughts in my creative endeavors.


Joe Anderson & Sonja Huie: For his help in documenting these Foundlings and Sonja’s technical and aesthetic support.

Dave Baylen: For his ongoing help in constructing these Foundlings as well as all of the lessons he has taught me. Not the least of which: “Never argue with a power tool”. Without his help, I never would have started on this path. For that I am in his debt.

Jimmy Hughes: For his patience in answering my never ending stream of questions about tools and procedures. He has also gotten me out of several construction dead ends. He has been so helpful in creating these.


Marie Marsina: My love, my helper, my muse, and my companion. My inability to put her in a category is a tribute to how much she means to me and how she and I have woven our lives together.

Penny Wessen: To the end, she never stopped caring and supporting me.

Burning Man: The road to creativity passes through Black Rock City.