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Distractions. Between an emergency appendectomy; a hurricane; five days working in North Carolina for the election; an early snow storm; and then jury duty, it’s been difficult to get back to working on Foundlings…


Often I find myself working on several Foundlings at once. Suddenly a piece of wood, an object, or a broken part comes into my field of view. Almost without thinking I combine it with another piece. Then another. Some of these pieces may be hanging around the shop for months. All of a sudden, a composition emerges. I still need to figure out how this will be put together and it needs to be stained. I let the composition sink in. I have no name for this piece nor am I convinced that this piece will even see the light of day but here it is. The process starts anew.

Another Foundling being born. I am always amazed how some Foundlings just jump off the workbench while others struggle for completeness. I don’t have a name for this one nor am I completely sure that this is the final configuration. This piece has not been stained, or bolted and glued. The various elements merely assembled to see how they “live” together. Pieces can be a little shocking to my eye until, with time, they take on a look of never having been apart.

Another one of those cases where I get so excited in creating a Foundling that I haven’t completely worked out the piece. Here, and old carpenter’s plane, a fireplace grill and a lid from a Shaker’s box went together so smoothly that I didn’t have the time to find that final piece to finish it off. So I am left with an exposed nut that I need to cover. I do have something that may fit but it might be bone or it might be plastic. If it’s bone, it fits my aesthetic. If it’s plastic, I don’t want to use it. So I’m looking for that perfect little item.

Nice to be working in the round.

I guess it’s like that. Some pieces just refuse to take form and at other times, some pieces just jump up and take form. I can pretend that this is a direct process, that I know where I am going and that the work is clearly envisioned in my head,… but it’s not. It’s rather more like a game of hide and seek.

It’s a rather tired cliché but I really do know when a Foundling is “right” when I see it. I guess the only exception to this is when I dream about a Foundling that I’m working on. It’s a bit creepy when I do this so I don’t talk about it much. I guess I should get out more.

This is still unnamed and is only roughly put together. Parts still need to be stained, nailed down and glued. Certain “engineering” aspects still need to be worked out as well but I am pleased.